Precast concrete element products

These precast concrete products can be efficiently produced with plants, machines and shuttering systems from WECKENMANN.


The requirement for joists is designed on average at 80% prestressed / 20% loosely reinforced and complemented with inlaid stones on the construction site.

Double wall

The double wall is preferrably used in connection with the floor slabs to facilitate monolithic constructions and is characterised by its low weight compared to a massive wall.

Floor slab

The floor slabs, also colloquially referred to as filigree floors or half-finished slabs, are used in residential and industrial construction.

Facade elements

Facade elements are solid wall elements of high-quality external appearance and are used for all types of housing, office and industrial buildings as elementary design elements for modern building architecture.

Glass fibre concrete

The glass fibre concrete serves as elementary architectural element of modern architecture and provides the ability to enhance the building façade architecturally.

Constructive precast concrete parts

Constructive reinforced concrete elements are considered an ideal construction system.

Solid slab

The solid slab is a customised, loosely reinforced, full concrete slab which is used in residential and industrial construction.

Solid wall

The solid wall can be manufactured using various types of concrete, either normal concrete or specialised types of concrete, like light concrete. This enables the wall element to be produced according to different climatic conditions and requirements.


Piles are used as foundation supports for buildings in case where the underground is non-bearing and it is rammed/driven into the ground with a heavy device until an adequately stable, load bearing, mineral based layer is attained.

Sandwich wall

Sandwich walls are insulated solid facade elements, consisting of two reinforced concrete shells which incorporate separating insulation layers, made of polystyrene, rock wool, or other approved materials.

Sound insulation wall

Sound insulation walls are used, when noise becomes a risk.

Railway sleepers

The sleepers bear not only the rails, but transfer and distribute the loads placed on the track structure.

Boundary wall

The boundary wall serves the purpose to surround an immovable property.

Prestressed floor slabs

The prestressed floor slabs, or ribbed slabs, are generally preferred for general structural engineering such as residential and industrial constructions, hotels, multi-storey car parks, supermarkets, etc. With span widths between 8 - 13 m.

Brick slabs/-wall

The brick slab/wall is used for residential constructions.

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